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Living the Love

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Hey, folks. I couldn't think of anything to write so I am using the review that I got from the Oakland Chronicle in 2007 in LA. I think this should work (I hope).

Oakland Chronicle review

If you like listening to love songs sung the right way then you are sure to like Bruce L. Brown. His smokey baritone voice sets the stage for a soothing evening, a singer with a flare of choosing the best standards and making them his own.

Bruce, when he appeared at Poncho's in LA, takes the stage breaking into his swing version of "My Romance", he lifts you up and keeps you there until he is ready to sit you down gently as he enters into "If I Could". Backed by a solid six piece band he takes you on a journey of years past and it's a wonderful trip. Throughout the evening he goes from swing to blues, ballads (which is his strong suite) and jazz. Bruce ends this great journey with an arrangement of "If You Love Me (Really Love Me) which gives proof to his vast vocal range. It's a rousing arrangement which had the audience giving Bruce a standing ovation.

If you can't get to see him in person then surely you must hear him on his newly released CD "Living The Love".